Concept - Collation

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To be able to search and sort objects under NTFS

Value Name Compare the Values as:
0x00 Binary Binary, where the first byte is most significant
0x01 Filename Unicode strings
0x02 Unicode Unicode strings, except that upper case letters should come first
0x10 ULONG An unsigned long (32 bits, little-endian)
0x11 SID A security identifier
0x12 Security Hash First compare by the Security Hash, then by Security Identifier
0x13 ULONGS A set of unsiged longs (32 bits, little-endian)


Here are some examples of where various collation rules are used.

Name Used By
ULONG $SII in file $Secure
SID $O in file $Extend/$Quota
Security Hash $SDH in file $Secure
ULONGS $O in file $Extend/$ObjId



When comparing by ULONGS, where is the maximum length specified? Or, can two objects never have identical ULONGS?

    0x13 ULONGS refers to GUIDs TEST

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