Attribute - $DATA (0x80)

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This Attribute contains the file's data. A file's size is the size of its unnamed Data Stream.

As defined in $AttrDef, this attribute has a no minimum or maximum size.

Layout of the Attribute (Resident)

Offset Size Description
~ ~ Standard Attribute Header
0x00   Any data

Layout of the Attribute (Non-Resident)


Common Data Stream Used By Windows

Other Information

Usually, a directory has no Data Attribute, and the Data Attribute of a file has no name.

    must have (at least empty) unnamed data attr

NTFS has an advantage: as you can have several data attributes for a file, you can easily implement HFS whose files are made of two parts (also called forks in the HFS terminology): a resource part and a data part. For the data part, you use default unnamed data attribute, and for the resource part, you use a data attribute named e.g. 'resource'.

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