Attribute - $VOLUME_INFORMATION (0x70)

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Indicates the version and the state of the volume.

As defined in $AttrDef, this attribute has a minimum and a maximum size of 12 bytes.

Layout of the Attribute

Offset Size Description
~ ~ Standard Attribute Header
0x00 8 Always zero?
0x08 1 Major version number
0x09 1 Minor version number
0x0A 2 Flags
0x0C 4 Always zero?


Value Description
0x0001 Dirty
0x0002 Resize LogFile
0x0004 Upgrade on Mount
0x0008 Mounted on NT4
0x0010 Delete USN underway
0x0020 Repair Object Ids
0x8000 Modified by chkdsk


Dirty Flag

When the Dirty Flag is set, Windows NT must perform the chkdsk /F command on the volume when it next boots.

Version numbers

Operating System NTFS Version
Windows NT 1.2
Windows 2000 3.0
Windows XP 3.1

Other Information

A Volume's Serial Number is stored in $Boot.

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