Concept - Index Entry

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Offset Size Description
0 8 File reference
8 2 Length of the index entry (L)
10 2 Length of the stream (S)
12 1 Flags
The next field is only present when the last entry flag is not set
16 S Stream
16+S ? Align 8
The next field is only present when the sub-node flag is set
L-8 8 VCN of the sub-node in the Index Allocation



Flag Description
1 Index entry points to a sub-node
2 Last index entry in the node

The last entry flag is used to indicate the end of a sequence of index entries. Although it does not represent a valid file, it can point to a sub-node.


A copy of the body (without header) of the attribute, indexed by the index entry.

List of Common Indexes

Name Index Of Used By
$I30 Filenames Directories
$SDH Security Descriptors $Secure
$SII Security Ids $Secure
$O Object Ids $ObjId
$O Owner Ids $Quota
$Q Quotas $Quota
$R Reparse Points $Reparse

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