File - $ObjId (Any)

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This system file is an index of all the $OBJECT_ID Attributes in use on the volume. See the $OBJECT_ID page for more details.


Type Description Name
0x30 $FILE_NAME $ObjId

Layout of the File

$O Index

Offset Size Value Description
~ ~ ~ Standard Index Header
0x00 2 0x20 Offset to data
0x02 2 0x38 Size of data
0x04 4 0x00 Padding
0x08 2 0x58 Size of Index Entry
0x0A 2 0x10 Size of Index Key
0x0C 2   Flags
0x0E 2 0x00 Padding
0x10 16   Key GUID Object Id
0x20 8   Data MFT Reference
0x28 16   Data GUID Birth Volume Id
0x38 16   Data GUID Birth Object Id
0x48 16   Data GUID Domain Id


Flag Description
0x01 Entry has subnodes
0x02 Last Entry


Other Information

The index is called $O. This is an index of Object Ids. It should not be confused with the index of the same name, used by the Metadata File $Quota.

The index, $O, is sorted by GUID (0x13). This Collation Rule is specified in the Index Root.

A file's $OBJECT_ID Attribute has a GUID that can be found in this Index. The Index's data provides an MFT reference back to the file.

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