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This is technical documentation, created to help the programmer. All the important information is near the top, and there are lots of examples showing what the disk structures look like.

It was originally written to complement the Linux NTFS driver.

The latest version can be downloaded from:


To make things easier to read, most links have been hidden. The aim is to cross-link everything to everything else. If you see a key word, you should be able to click on it.

If your browser supports "access keys" you may be able to navigate more swiftly. Access keys 1 - 6 activate the six toolbar buttons, and in the glossary A - Z jump to the appropriate letter of the list. (Try Alt-5, for the glossary)

Additionally, you can use Alt-Comma and Alt-Dot to activate Prev and Next respectively. (Think of them as Alt-< and Alt->)

N.B. Some browsers may not use Alt, but a different key.


Microsoft hasn't released any documentation for NTFS. These documents have been pieced together partly by carefully reading all the SDKs and Windows help but mostly by reverse-engineering the filesystem.

We're confident that the information is correct. We think we know where there are gaps in our knowledge. We may be wrong. Beware.

Contact Points

You can post questions to an open forum on SourceForge at:

If you'd like to get more involved in the Linux project, then you can join one of the mailing lists (both low volume). The first is a general list for NTFS and the second, which isn't used much yet, is more technical.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, suggestions or corrections, please email me.
    Richard Russon

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