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Version 0.6
Remastered index description
Various small fixes
Version 0.5
Lots of tidying up
Version 0.4
List of all Data Streams and Indexes
Pages: About, Collation and SID
(Some) info about XP
Info about $Q, $O and $R
Info about the MFT Zone
More info about Indexes
Load of new Glossay entries
Tidied, Fixed or Rewritten:
Standard Information, Filename, Fixup
Standardise naming of the four time fields
Standardise naming of the three file size fields
Minor improvements to Bitmap and Quota
HTML Improvements:
Standardised tables
Footnote links on every page: Validate HTML, CSS and Online
Next / Prev links cycle through the index
Better CSS compliance
Added keywords to aid search engines
Tweaked fonts
Version 0.3
Worked in Anton's header files
New page for Collation
New page for Index Header
New page for $UsnJrnl
Reworked Index Record page
New info for $ObjId
New info for $Quota
New info for $Secure
New info for $Reparse
$MountMgrDatabase added to dot
Reworked $MFT page
Lots of tidying up
Version 0.2
Put everything under CVS control on SourceForge
Added $Id CVS tag to the end of every file
Added full path to the beginning of every file
Fixed up CSS so old version of Netscape should look OK
Updated $AttrDef
Updated $EA
Updated $FILE_NAME
Wrote entries for all the glossary items
Access keys for Previous and Next , and .
Fixed lots of typos
Version 0.1
First public release, based on the very old "original docs"

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