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NTFS Credits and History

Martin von Löwis created the original NTFS driver back in 1995. It was added to the Linux kernel in December 1997 (2.1.74). He has been helped by the following kind souls: Albert Cahalan, Anton Altaparmakov, Damon Casale, David Dillard, Domagoj Pensa, Joseph Malicki, Matthew Fanto, Olof Wolgast, Pawel Kot, Rani Assaf, Régis Duchesne, Richard Russon, Steve Dodd, Werner Seiler.

Starting around the year 2000, Anton Altaparmakov started the Linux-NTFS project on Sourceforge and created the NTFS library and initial user space utilities with help from Richard Russon, Matthew Fanto, Szabolcs Szakacsits, Lode Leroy, Yuval Fledel, and Yura Pakhuchiy.

In 2001, Anton started from scratch and created the new NTFS driver. It was added to the Linux kernel in April 2002 (2.5.11). He has been helped by Richard Russon and others.

Anton is still the lead developer and maintainer of the new NTFS driver, library and userspace utilities.

Pawel Kot, with help from Anton, backported the new NTFS driver to the 2.4.18 Linux kernel in May 2002. This backport is not maintained anymore.

LDM Credits

Richard Russon created the LDM driver in 2001. It was added to the Linux Kernel in August 2001 (2.4.8). He has been helped by:
Anton Altaparmakov and Jakob Kemi.


Your project just saved me!! I run Red Hat 7.2 and have an NT box that I do a lot of graphics development on. The NT box crashed and the emergency disk was unable to be found. I downloaded your ntfs tar install, compiled and loaded on my linux system. I ran ntfsfix on the crashed NT drive without ever mounting. Then I downed Linux and put the drive back in the NT box and NT booted (after checking drives, reg etc).
I thought that I was [in deep trouble].
Rick Stock

Get Involved

If you'd like to get involved in the project, you can email: linux-ntfs-dev@sourceforge.net. We'd welcome help in any area, especially coders, testers or documenters.

All source code is kept in a source code management system, currently CVS.

If testing is your strength, then we could do with a rational testing strategy. If you would find bugs in the latest releases, or have feature requests or even better patches, then please send them to the developers on the above address.

If you know HTML and CSS, then you could help maintain these pages to help spread the word.

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