NTFS RPMs for Fedora & RedHat

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Below is a short list of things that can go wrong, and instructions showing you how to fix things.

error: can't create transaction lock

You can only install RPMs as the root user. Login as root, or run the su command and give the root password. Then, try the install again.

.../ntfs.ko: Invalid module format

This is most commonly caused by installing the wrong RPM. Almost everyone will require the i686 version. The instructions explain how to uninstall an NTFS RPM and also how to find the correct one.

FATAL ntfs.ko not found

This usually means that you have installed the wrong RPM. The version of the RPM has to match the kernel version exactly. The instructions explain how to find the right rpm.

Unresolved externals in ntfs.o

This is most commonly caused by installing the wrong RPM. Very few people will need the i386. Have a read through the instructions and check that you used the correct RPM.

I've installed the wrong rpm. Help!

There is a description of how to uninstall an NTFS RPM at the end of the instructions.

not an rpm package (or package manifest)

This has been caused by SourceForge's download mirror. You have actually saved an HTML page. Go back to the download section and click on the link instead. You will then see a choice of mirrors.

Segmentation fault (1)

Try deleting the rpm temporary files, then retry the install.

    rm /var/lib/rpm/__db*

Segmentation fault (2)

Try rebuilding the rpm database, then retry the install.

    rpm --rebuilddb

That didn't help me

If this hasn't helped you sort out the problem, please email me. Please tell me which stage you got to in the instructions and what error messages you got (have a look in /var/log/messages for anything NTFS-related). I'll try to help you, but I cannot promise anything (my time is limited).

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