NTFS RPMs for Fedora & RedHat

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Linux-NTFS Project




RedHat and Fedora don't support NTFS, even though many users want it. This part of the Linux-NTFS Project provides NTFS RPMs for all the free versions of RedHat and Fedora.

Why doesn't my Distro support NTFS?

Due to the uncertain legal status of using the NTFS driver, RedHat and Fedora have chosen to leave the driver out of their kernels.

Level of Support

For the last couple of years, this site has provided NTFS RPMs for RedHat and Fedora users. There is an NTFS RPM for almost every version of every kernel.

If you have a 64-bit machine, or have a non-PC architecture, then you may be able to find an RPM in the contrib section for your distro.

Version Level of Support
Fedora 4 Full support.
Fedora 3 Full support.
Fedora 2 Full support.
Fedora 1 Full support.
RedHat Enterprise 4 Full support.
RedHat Enterprise 3 Full support.
RedHat Enterprise 2 No support. See notes below.
RedHat 9 Full support.
RedHat 8 Full support.
RedHat 7.3 Full support.
RedHat 7.2, or older No support. See notes below.


There is no support for any older versions of RedHat than 7.2, or RedHat Enterprise 2. Old-RedHat users may be able to use a kernel from RedHat 7.3 and old-Enterprise users may be able to use a kernel from Enterprise 3.

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