NTFS RPMs for Fedora & RedHat

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Linux-NTFS Project



NTFS RPM Release Notes for Linux 2.6


  1. Audience
  2. Features
  3. Limitations
  4. Unsupported
  5. Credits
  6. Links
  7. Contribute


These release notes are for people using one of these versions of Linux:

  • Fedora Core release 3 (Heidelberg)
  • Fedora Core release 2 (Tettnang)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (Nahant)

If you aren't certain which version you have, you can find out with this command:

    cat /etc/redhat-release


  • New NTFS Driver
  • Mount NTFS Volumes
  • Works with all cluster sizes
  • Solid read support
  • Traverse directories
  • Read ordinary files
  • Read fragmented files
  • Read sparse files
  • Read compressed files
  • SMP / Pre-emptive safe


Very limited write support
This driver contains SAFE, but very limited, write support. It is safe, because of its limitations. It can only overwrite existing data. The ntfscp tool in the ntfsprogs package can be used to safely overwrite data.
No size changes, file / directory creation / deletion / rename
This driver cannot change the size of files. It cannot create files or directories. It cannot delete files or directories. It cannot rename files or directories.
No Quota, ACLs, Alternate data streams
There is not support in the NTFS driver for Quotas, ACLs or Alternate data streams.


These NTFS RPMs are only for users of Fedora or RedHat kernels. Each kernel module is tailored for precisely one kernel - this is why the instructions are so important.

If you obtained your kernel from some other vendor, these RPMs will not work, they could even crash your machine. If you have such a kernel and you need NTFS support, you will have to ask your vendor for help.


This Linux NTFS driver would not exist without the hard work of:

  • Anton Altaparmakov
  • Richard Russon


A simple guide, which shows you how to find the right NTFS RPM and how to install it.
A list of common problems, and simple solutions, when downloading or installing the NTFS RPM.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Everything you ever needed to know about NTFS. e.g. How to mount an NTFS Volume; how to change the permissions; how to mount the volume automatically at boot time.
Build your own NTFS RPM
If you would like the fun and adventure of building your own NTFS RPMs, you can follow These Simple Instructions.
Compile your own kernel
There is also a more detailed guide to compiling your own kernel.
NTFSProgs - Tools to do neat things to an NTFS Volume
With these tools you can change the volume label, resize a volume, recover a deleted file and more, all from within Linux.
NTFSProgs - Manual Pages
The manual pages describe how to use all the tools.


There are only a few of us working on this project, so progress it slow. We'd like to help everyone, but there simply isn't time. You could help the project in lots of ways and every bit of help would leave us more free time to work on the driver.

Help us write code
We need to write lots of code to get write support working. It's going to take us a long time. NTFS is a very complicated filesystem, but we have documented most of what we know.
Help us test
This is a very important job and not a simple one either. Testing a filesystem, or tools, needs careful thought.
Help manage us
Our group consists of two main programmers and a few helpers. We often get offers of help, but it takes more time to help them get started than we get back in return. We need someone to organise our resources.
Help us maintain the website
The website contains a lot of diverse information. It's not well organised and needs someone to
Help us write documentation
There is a world shortage of good documentation. When it does get written it's often by a programmer who cannot see things from a beginner's perspective.
Help us translate the documentation
Linux is being used by millions of people in so many different countries. By translating some of our documentation into your native language, you can make beginners feel more confident.
Make a donation
If you don't have the time, or skills, to contribute, consider making a financial difference to the lives of the NTFS developers. Anything from the cost of a beer, upwards, would make us happy and more productive. There is a link at the top of this page.

If you think you can help, please contact me.

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