NTFS RPMs for Fedora & RedHat

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Linux-NTFS Project



Building an NTFS RPM


However many NTFS RPMs I create, there will always be some people I won't have the time to help. This page may help them to help themselves.

NB Note: These instructions should work for Fedora 2, Fedora 3 and RedHat Enterprise 4.

Who needs to do this?

The two most obvious groups are people using 64-bit hardware or people using customised RedHat, or Fedora, kernels.

How do I do it?

First you need to find out which kernel you're using.

    uname -r


If your answer ends with smp then you have a multi-processor kernel and you will need to adjust some of the commands below.

Now, download the kernel source from the same place you downloaded your kernel. If you have just installed, it will be on one of the install CDs. The name will be something like:


NB Note: This same source code is used to build all the different versions of the kernel and all the NTFS RPMs.

NB Note: If you have RHEL4 or FC4, you will also need the kernel-devel rpm. Simply put it in the build directory.

Next, determine the architecture or your computer.

NB Note: You may need to replace kernel with kernel-smp.

    rpm -q --queryformat "%{ARCH}\n" kernel


Now, download the build script: build-2.6 and the RPM spec file: kernel-module-ntfs.spec.

Finally, perform the build. ./build-2.6 SPEC SOURCE ARCH, e.g.

    chmod 700 build-2.6

    ./build-2.6 kernel-module-ntfs.spec kernel-2.6.8-1.521.src.rpm i686

    Using: kernel-module-ntfs.spec

    Building modules for kernel: 2.6.8-1.521
            Extracting source rpm...        done
            Preparing kernel source...      done

    Building: i686
            make distclean...               done
            make oldconfig...               done
            make prepare-all...             done
            make modules...                 done
            make rpm...                     done

    Cleaning up... done

The build process will create an output directory whose name is based on the kernel version. The directory will contain and NTFS kernel module, an NTFS RPM and a log of the build process.

    ls kernel-module-ntfs-2.6.8-1.521



If you have problems building your own RPM, then I'm sorry. I don't have enough free time to help everyone.

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